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Cool Re: Grrr, new carpet python not eating!!

Originally Posted by StrictlyMorelia View Post
I stop the diamonds feeding at the beginning of September prior to cooling.

The female will resume feeding for a month or two from January and then go off of food until laying. The male will only start feeding of his own choosing in mid to late April.

Re photos I am struggling to post on this site as it does not allow upload from device but prefers to use separate hosts such as photo bucket.
that you James

i've still got my 4 Diamonds cooling as we're due a bit of cold weather the next few weeks up here,the rest of the winter was pretty mild by our usual standards,so will start heating begining of march

the female i got from you is doing great

i've been off the snake forums,just lurking from time to time,it's good to see you around my friend

SSNAKESS members....

StrictltyMorelia was/is my carpet mentor,you have a Carpet keeper of the highest standard in this guy

hope all is well with you and yours mate

all the best,shaun

P.S.have you still got the crazy pattern Diamond you held back ?
if so post some pic's please
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