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Grrr, new carpet python not eating!!

I think it's time for some semi desperate measures. My new albino carpet python arrived on 1/11/17. I've tried feeding her f/t rat fuzzys 3x without success. The breeder says she was eating weekly without issue prior to me getting her. She was 117g when she arrived, and she shed on 2/4/17, so I know she was eating something. I guess my next move is to try scenting with a mouse and try putting her in a deli cup overnight with a f/t feeder. If that doesn't work I'll try a live feeder as a last resort. My temps are good so I'm not sure what the issue is. 92F hot spot with an 82F ambient. This is a first for me. I'm not worried yet but it's frustrating when a new snake doesn't eat for almost a month . Any other suggestions are welcome.
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