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This kind of situation is often unfortunate Alice...:S....I remember when I was younger I kept fish, as did my friend.
I had books and spent a ton of time learning about them and watching them, while she bought the tropical fish on a whim because they were 'cute' and they died a few days later because she kept them in bowls and over fed them :S

When she started keeping herps (an anole first), I felt really helpless because I knew it couldn't be getting the care it needed....I'd always offer tips and stress that she needed to learn more, but in the end I was ignored, or told "geez, Heather, it's just a lizard''....

You REALLY have to get your point across, even though it's awkward because you don't know him could also let your b/f know how this is really getting on your nerves, maybe he can say something. Drop hints, get the guy a herp book for Christmas :P...just make him understand that he needs to take it seriously and always be prepared to take full care his animals, as they are living breathing creatures who depend on him.

Be happy that your herps are loved and are lucky to have a caring and educated mom like you
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