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1. What is the worst snake bite you have recieved? Burmese python bite... she was only 5 feet but wrapped around my whole arm, and her teeth were deep in my wrist. I bled like crazy. It was blue and purple there for about a week.

2. What is the least painful snake bite you have recieved? ummm, I'd have to say the one from a little milksnake I recieved free from Petco. That thing thought it was so tough. But the patch nosed snake I caught felt pretty much the same.

3. What is the worst lizard bite you have taken? Savannah Monitor bite!! That thing has huge teeth, and he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go until I submurged him under water. He's vicious!

4. What is the least painful lizard bite you have recieved? LOL, anole bite... do you guys think these lizards are stupid for trying to bite you or what? I mean... it's like "we can squash your stupid little head, you damn lizard!!" sheesh
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