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Re: Please help me ID My Boa

Originally Posted by SnoopySnake View Post
That's a beautiful boa, it's definitely a hypo of sorts. I couldn't tell you if it's a super or not.
Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
It's hypo alright, you can't 100% visually distinguish a super hypo from a regular hypo. If you want to prove it's a superhypo, the only way is breeding to a non hypo boa. If the entire nest is hypo, it was a superhypo. Doesn't make any other difference unless you're breeding.
Thanks for the feedback! Does all the erratic black spotting suggest anything else in terms of genetics or is that a common pattern? I also couldn't decide where it would sit in terms of the Boa ID chart in the Boa constrictor Identification thread sticked here, any thoughts on that?
Thanks for your time!
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