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Re: My MBK showing signs of neurological damage

He seems to be doing slightly better the last days. Due to some professional commitments I had to attend I haven't been able to visit the vet in person. It has been told to me that he can just be trying to brumate, even though the temperatures are not allowing it to commence, and as such the snake is just pretty lethargic in this period. He was checked already by a reptile vet recently who didn't find any issues outside of the suffering due to bad shed and underfeeding. He got some vitamins to support him in the skin issues and that's it (ie- the vet wanted to give him a shot, I asked if I can just inject the mouse with it instead and this was fine).

He still doesn't show any other sign of anything more serious. Since he is a very calm specimen already and it's hard to "scare him" I did do another test... I read some articles to check reptile reflexes, but most of those describe methods that would actually hurt the animal to force a response in case the animal doesn't feel like giving you one and you need to confirm he's really lethargic in a way that he "cannot" do something. So instead of sticking a needle in his skin as the vet articles describe, I figured that a cloth with some cooled water would probably also surprise him. And it did. He literally shot away at warp speed as soon as it made contact with his lower body part and sitting in the corner slamming his tail on the floor. That seemed like a pretty normal reaction to me...

Maybe my snake is just very lazy, or trying to brumate, or something, and isn't necessarily in bad health. Though it's hard to read an animal which you just received as you have no benchmark for his normal behavior.
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