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boa mouth issue questions/photos

I was asked to take a look at a snake recently which has been showing some odd behavior. This was a snake which was basically abandoned. At the moment, I believe it may be going into shed, but there's some behaviors it's shown which are odd.

Mouth is kept slightly open and it will occasionally hiss or gasp, it's hard to tell which.

It'll partially submerge it's head in it's water bowl and a few times it's been taken out of the tank, water running out of the mouth.

Currently the skin appears very loose on the snake which makes me think it's badly dehydrated.

Here's a link to some photos of the snake, primarily the head and mouth area. Sorry about the quality, the photos looked way better on my phone when I was taking them.

Unfortunately, the local vet who is really knowledgeable about snakes isn't available, so if this appears to be serious, I think the snake will probably be euthanized.

Here's the photos I took.
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