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Re: My dekayi is acting odd

Mine is wc so not sure on age. Nearly full grown. He's gained a little length and shed twice since about oct. The first was probably just adjusting to not actually brumating. They make their brumation run in the fall in large groups toward rocky areas from fields and if you find the right terrain you can collect lots of them at that time. Except it's not legal to collect any snake species in my state. Not knowing the exact week they are going to head for their shelters I don't always know the timing to go hiking over the state border. I think we are about their most northern territory and they've fallen out of favor for more brightly colored garter, ribbon, and racer snakes that can also be small and many eat insects or fish instead of rodents with no ability to bite so these guys can be hard to find listed for sale. Dekayi are made more for slugs and pulling snails out of their shells but will eat isopods (pill bug, rolly polly) and small earthworms. Being wc mine does not understand cut worm. I think I tricked him into eating a still wriggling head piece or 2 until I found some suitable small worms recently and put half in his tank to see if they will multiply themselves in my natural dirt setup. They have a little wedge head with rear fangs so they can't bite even if they want. Many of the other small snakes are much the same with small heads and rear teeth for pulling slippery prey into their jaws without the ability to expand their jaws as far as other species of snake. The worst you get is a wc or very nervous snake might musk and release foul smelling liquid. That and running really fast is their only defense.
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