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Re: My MBK showing signs of neurological damage

That's the plan indeed. Temps and all are all fine, in fact when the snake is not upside down he behaves normally in terms of thermo regulating and whatnot. He doesn't show any other neurological signs besides not righting himself, though you would expect a snake that can't right himself to have problematic area's elsewhere as well. It's so odd.

I'm reading over the neurological pages of Dr Mader - Reptile Medicine and Surgery (yea I have wack interests), but I can't find anything conclusive in that. Really helps when doctors write that certain illnesses can have 100+1 signs, or be completely asymptomatic. Just whatever it is may have the potential to be very serious :S

Anyway, I turned the snake right again now, and he went under his night time heat spot like he usually does, as if nothing happened.
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