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Unhappy My MBK showing signs of neurological damage

So... I was on a reptile show almost 1.5 months (edit: can't think, it was dec-4) back and found a MBK in severe need of someone who would take care of him. It was a yearling measuring around 55cm and weighing in under 55 grams. He was very calm though, curious and all, but calm. He had some poor scaling due to a bad shed, and still does (he's in shed now though, for the 2nd time since I have him... he puts himself in shed immediately after finishing one) but that is not what is worrying me.

I took him to a reptile vet after I got him, he checked him fully and give him a clean bill of health. He probably just wasnt getting fed too much. Since I have him he gained some good weight and takes his small hopper every 5 days, though he's a bit reluctant to feed compared to my ferocious other lampropetis. I blamed it on the season, though now I'm not that sure anymore.

Anyway, now since 2 days he developed other symptoms which led to him going directly into quarantine zone...

He's unable or unwilling to turn himself right again after being put upside down. He's literally now laying on his back for an hour, lifting only his head slightly up. Even if I go and "irritate him" he doesn't turn over though he does the "I'm pissed off and slap my tail on the floor" thingy. I have tried to turn him right, and then back again, and he just stays that way.

I feel so bad for him, but this doesn't look good

Also very much hoping that if it is some nasty retrovirus it didn't carry over to anyone else in my small but very much loved collection

Damnit, I so much hope he's just a weird snake and just does this stuff... I'm really very fond of him.............

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