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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Too lazy to multi-quote.

1. Nix and PAM work all on their own quite well. Don't worry about using anything else. I spray the animals directly with the Nix solution and everything else. Remove water for a day.

2. Dish soap is pointless if you're using Nix or PAM. The snakes are being stressed with more soaks/baths then necessary.

3. If you're using jurassiMite and it has the active ingredients of clove and cinnamon stop using it. Sounds ridiculous. I have no idea, and I doubt anyone making or selling that product can produce a scientific study where clove and cinnamon gets rid of/kills snake mites.

4. You can alternatively use predator mites if this happens again if you're set on a natural method.

5. I would spray your carpet, the enclosures (inside and outside). Anything else in the room.

6. I am super paranoid of mites. If I attend a show I do not touch anything. When I leave I spray myself, my car, my friends, my daughter, any animal I may have picked up with Nix solution before going home. When home I spray my snake room and change immediately into new clothing and toss the other stuff into the wash.
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