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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Originally Posted by riddick07 View Post
Only adults are visible to the eye and you probably killed most of those already on the snake with soaking and spraying the cages. If you caught it early you won't see that many black spots on the ground anymore. You will be mostly killing younger mites that you can't actually see after most of the adults are dead. You keep treating to kill the young that have hatched out or any random adults you missed.
This is really good to know. I'm crossing my fingers that is what we're seeing here.

We were told to treat with PAM every 2 weeks for up to 6 weeks (4 treatments total). No more than that even for the older animals for fear of toxic exposure. The stuff we spray on the babies is an all natural substance, with the active ingredients being clove and cinnamon. If we switch to Nix (I'm not convinced this natural stuff is working) I saw an older post on here that said 3-4 days at a 1 part per 68 parts distilled water dilution. We may just go to once a week instead though, because I don't want to over expose them.

But what about treating the paper towels? Should those be treated too? If so, how do you treat them? Same as treating the snake?

And last, is Nix thand same thing that you get at a drug store, or is it something that you need to get at a pet specialty store?
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