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1. What is the worst snake bite you have recieved.

Never had anything bad. Been chomped by Brazilian Rainbow boas and an Irian Jaya Carpet, couldn't even feel them until after the fact, bled freely. Small specimens.

I'm a lot more careful with arboreals because of their bigger teeth, so I haven't been hit yet.

2. What is the least painful snake bite you have recieved

Baby Brazilian Rainbow. Feeding error.

3. What is the worst lizard bite you have taken.

That's easy. Sub-adult Frilled Dragon. Lots of jaw power, huge teeth complete with fangs, and a nasty, flesh-sawing shake of the head. Caused an oblique wound that probably should have been stitched. I was examining its cage-mate when it decided to leap 9 inches and grab my finger.

My second-worst lizard bite was also from an overly enthusiastic Frilled.

4. What is the least painful lizard bite you have recieved.

Uroplatus phantasticus bite. Feeding error.
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