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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Only adults are visible to the eye and you probably killed most of those already on the snake with soaking and spraying the cages. If you caught it early you won't see that many black spots on the ground anymore. You will be mostly killing younger mites that you can't actually see after most of the adults are dead. You keep treating to kill the young that have hatched out or any random adults you missed.

Be careful with just how much chemicals you are using and how often. While safe alone or in small quantities mixing or going crazy with treatments can harm your animals. If the snakes are very young I wouldn't do every 3 or 4 days even with Nix and especially not with PAM. I've heard why too many mistakes happen with PAM that I would not use it myself. Also, if you have hognose do not use PAM or Nix with them they do not react well to these treatments most of the time. I think garters don't either but I'm not sure if I remember that one right.

Nix needs to be mixed correctly be sure to read up on its use if you switch over to that treatment. I use Nix on all my new arrivals
Nix Treatment For Snake Mites
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