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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

We didn't apply any treatment to the paper towels before putting down paper towels, but we treated the entire enclosure with PAM and sprayed them with the JurassiMite. I think I'm just going to go with Nix and purchase some tomorrow. Because there was not a lot of black things on the paper towels today. We have them soaking and did another inspection and I think the mites are getting better at hiding because we aren't seeing a lot of mites under the scales as we did yesterday or the day before.

I think I need to take some herp courses and some reptile vet med courses. I feel so ignorant with all of this. It's so stressful!!!! We checked another 2 boas that we thought had mites yesterday and we don't see anything on them either. I don't know. I do know that I'll be treating these enclosures every 3 months from now on, when all these mites are dead, because I do NOT want to go through this again. All I need is for my human kids to get lice to top off the last 30 days
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