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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Originally Posted by GyGbeetle View Post
How soon after you begin treatment do you start to see results? We did all the tanks last night with the PAM stuff, gave everyone a bubble bath in Dawn, put the JurassiMite stuff on them, and put them on top of paper towels once the tanks had aired out for a little over 4 hours. That was late yesterday. Looked into the known infected tanks, and I'm not really seeing copious amounts of dead black things, like I would've expected. So we applied a second treatment of JurassiMite to th snakes we know are infected, and I'm still not seeing a whole lot of black things popping off their bodies and fleeing into their doom of a PAM barrier.

Now I've had a flea infestation once while I was a cat rescuer. I put that flea spray on the cat with fleas, and it was literally like rats fleaing from a sinking ship. I would've expected to see the same thing with snake mites. Is this a bad assumption to have?
With the Nix I saw a lot dead mites the next day. I would estimate there was about 40-50 dead ones. I continues to decreasing numbers of dead mites over a 2 week period.

I spray the enclosure and snakes with the Nix. I repeat the Nix applications every 3-4 days. I'll be doing that for a 3 month period just to be extra sure I've killed them off.

My retic is the only snake in my collection that's had mites since 2012. I was fortunate my recent mite issue didn't spread beyond the retic.
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