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New pics for a new year

Happy new year y'all. Here's a little Diamondback Water Snake celebrating only its second new year. Its new years resolution is to eat lots of rats and poop in its water bowl at least a couple times a week, just so I have to clean it up.

Joe the Cottonmouth is enjoying its first new year, to celebrate it will be getting a tasty fuzzy mouse later today.

Desert Kingsnake

Emory's Rat Snake

Dusky Pygmy Rattlsnake

Currently in progress, a new enclosure for the Dumeril's Boa. Dimensions are 56 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 13.5 inches tall. Designed to fit perfectly in the closet in the snake room, it should be plenty large enough for the rest of the Boas life. I'm just test fitting it here before starting to paint it with polyurethane. Once it's done I'll be building another that will be two feet tall, it will house the Taiwanese Beauty. I did buy myself that table saw for Christmas, it made cutting out this enclosure a breeze compared to using the circular saw. Definitely should have bought a table saw a long time ago, ha.
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