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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Right now it's only 3 snakes. But without knowing why only 1 tank was affected, I'm not taking any chances. We've soaked almost all the snakes, and no one else had mites fall off of them in the water, so I'm hopeful. But still very scared.

Since these guys are young (born in May), should I only use the PAM in the tanks and not a topical? The mites appear to be babies (very small, not readily engorged), so I think maybe we caught it in time? So perhaps only 1 line of treatment will be successful? I don't know. I'll ask the pet store people what their thoughts are. And will definitely treat all the tanks.

As for the paper towels, we have white towels where you can easily see mites. We have quite a bit of these. Is it just the issue with seeing the mites die that you're supposed to use paper towels?
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