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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

With only three snakes you will have it comparatively easy to most. PAM works just fine and is approved for use on reptiles but I did have a problem with a very, very small hatchlings twitching until I removed then for 24 hours away from PAM. I would let the PAM dry out for 24 hours. That's probably longer than required, but after having an situation where the snakes were twitching and one could not right itself, I'd rather not take any chances. All of the available products can harm or kill your snakes if used improperly. I would recommend doubling to quadrupling whatever you expect that actual drying time to take. Do not apply PAM directly to the snake. People have successfully used many methods but NIX and PAM are the most popular methods I've seen discussed and both have worked for many people. There is also a product you can get at petco called Reptile Relief that is safe to use directly on the snake, but that product alone will not likely clear out the mites and they will keep coming back unless you treat the substrate with one of the aforementioned powerful chemicals.
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