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Re: Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

Originally Posted by GyGbeetle View Post
He shares a tank with a sibling and another baby close in age.
I imagine that someone is going to harp on this, but now you have at least 3 animals instead of one that you need to be concerned for mites. I cannot give any example for keeping multiple snakes together, but typical you do not for other reasons.

Use a wet paper towel to check. Have them crawl through or rub on them. This is something mentioned here and elsewhere.

PAM/ Provent-A-Mite:
Be very careful with this. Maybe a couple months back, someone with a hognose didn't air out or rinse out (never used it yet) enough and was affected by the chemical. Many a worried post. Otherwise, it seems to be the go to here and my vet likes the stuff.

I'm sorry I cannot offer any real insight or anything from personal experience.
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