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Mites!!!! OMG we have mites!!!

So one of our baby boas was soaking in his water dish because he's about to shed. The thing is, he's been soaking for like 3 days, which is odd. And then I saw it; black stuff in the water. So we soaked him in the bathtub and it was like a horror story! He definitely has mites. He shares a tank with a sibling and another baby close in age. They all share a room with other pythons and boas. But no one else has mites. It's not a bad case; I'm praying we caught it in time.

I have some questions though:

1) how did he get mites and no one else in the room has them?

2) upon inspection we see no mites on him, but they drop off and drown when he gets soaked. Why can't we see them?

3) our trusted pet store says to use preventamide (sp). To use it in the tank, let it dry in the tank, put white towels or paper towels down, and keep the water out for 24 hours before putting it back in. While the tank is being treated, wash them in warm water with a little bit of Dawn, and soak all wood accessories. Sage advice? Any bad experiences with this pesticide?

4) how long will it last? We have 10 snakes in a carpeted room. Will the mites live in the carpet? Do we need to treat the carpet with something?

5) can mites live on cats? We have cats. Is it like fleas where it can cross species to survive? Do I have to treat the cats?
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