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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Originally Posted by SnoopySnake View Post
Glad to hear that it's just a shed. Fingers crossed he has a good shed and eats for you!
Thanks I figured part of it was him going into shed, but I'm still worried that he didn't so much as strike at his food. I suppose it's a good thing he didn't eat, the disinterest is just unusual for him. It was really hard to tell at the time for sure if he was shedding because the past month he's been in a constant state of just turning milky but not really milky, plus missing the last shed cycle threw me off.

I was worried about the state he was in, but with how skinny he is the shed cycle probably just accentuated any wrinkliness and made him seem worse than he was (the flash erased all the wrinkles on his belly). I did not weigh him as I didn't want him to stress any more, but I will do that once I can finally get another meal in him. His belly was awfully wrinkly and at certain parts his skin would fold up, but I suppose that's just from the shed cycle as their skin tends to lose plasticity.

His ribs showing still worries me but he's been like that since he dropped down to 44 grams. I just wish I knew of a way to get more nutrition in him that wouldn't result in a regurge.
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