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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post the line still being propagated by the breeder since this genetic flaw has been discovered?
Yes. According to the breeder none of the other babies have been reported to have regurge issues. Not to him, at least. He also has several adult animals of the same line that AFAIK never presented the regurge problems. BUT, as I said I've had other people with Picasso stripes tell me all of their's had problems, and he has a single adult female of another line with issues as well (which she does not appear to be part of any breeding projects). They never told me where they got their animals from, though, just that they had several animals between them and all had issues.

Technically, Morzan's sister Guin did not have any regurge issues, but whether or not they would have eventually surfaced was never found out as she died from septicemia poisoning only 2 months after I got her. Her first 2 or 3 meals she kept down just fine, and they were average-sized meals.

It's impossible to tell if she just had a weak disposition due to a flaw in the line's genetics, or I somehow royally screwed up just with her. In the span of 18 days or so she went from perfectly healthy to a regurge and then dead.

For now, I'm just going to avoid Picasso stripes in the future, and possibly other similar lines if they seem to show the same problems.
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