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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

I fed him and he actually pooped this time, he's holding his weight steady and gaining more strength. I flipped him over and he was able to roll into a tight ball where before the most he'd do is roll over.

He never did shed, which is unusual. In the entire time I've had him he pretty much shed every month on the dot. I never did see him go fully blue, but he was slightly milky for a few days. He looks like normal right now.

He continues to be docile, but aware of his surroundings. He's acting more like when I first got him, where he'd do nothing but ball up when I picked him up. He's still active at night, though, saw him crawling around last night when I came in to check on the temps in the snake room. My new space heater is heating the room really well, even at 18F it was a cozy 80-85F with no cold drafts going through the snake tubs.
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