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Re: Teddy updates and pics

No shed yet, but he's mostly cleared up. The humidity is around 50-60 but I put some moss in his hide just in case. I really love his eyes. He bit me yesterday after I moved him to get a heat pad set up. (The lamp can't make the warm hide very warm without making the whole enclosure too warm.) I now have the tiniest holes in my thumb. Turns out he really doesn't like it when you just gently touch him on the side, but if you pick him up it's somehow fine. I haven't really had to use a hook to move him at all. But anyway, I don't think I'll have any more reasons to handle him before he sheds, so he can relax for a bit. And also maybe less poking when he's out from now on, no matter how soft he is. Sorry, snake.

Here's him chilling out on a branch, being gorgeous.
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