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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Originally Posted by SnoopySnake View Post
Awesome news!! I hope he comes around for you! Maybe there just wasn't much for himto poop out so he's holding onto it for next time? Lol no idea. I'm glad he seems to be doing ok. Hope he keeps this meal down for you.
I'm thinking he probably used virtually all of the nutrients in that mouse, and he either will have a minuscule poop later (which will probably be bigger with this second mouse in his system), or he's just holding onto it like you said.

I am kind of interested in why the mouse left a small bulge, though. Before it looked like he swallowed a football even with a 2 gram fuzzy and that's when he weighed ~10 grams heavier. I do still think he's gained some length from when I first got him, but he's so thin right now he's looking even longer than he probably is. He still looks incredibly thin but not bloated or anything so it's weird the mouse bulge looks so much smaller.

I cannot stand seeing him in this state, I'm fervently hoping I can get him to improve and I don't want to put myself or another snake through this if I can. I thought having a picky ball python was bad, this is way worse. I'll take him maintaining weight again and gaining strength as a good thing.
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