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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Well Morzan never did poop - I've dug through the bedding many times and by now it would be growing mold. He also does not appear to be going into a shed cycle, so I do not feel comfortable holding off on feeding him any longer. I fed him a 4 gram fuzzy this morning, about 2 weeks after his last meal. Good news - he hasn't lost a single gram, whereas last time he went 2 weeks he lost 7-8 grams in weight. He hasn't gained any, either, though. Another interesting thing I noticed is that the mouse hardly left a bulge at all despite being an average-sized 4 gram fuzzy. Usually even 2 gram fuzzies leave a huge bulge right after he eats. He definitely ate it, the mouse is nowhere to be found and the bulge is there, just smaller than usual.

Oh - also. I did the flip test with him again (the 3rd time thus far if I've been counting right), and he actually almost managed to flip all the way onto his belly! I got too excited and set him in the bucket to do his bedding, but I'm sure he would have succeeded if I had waited. I'm hoping that means he gaining some strength.
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