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Well I tried.

I made an attempt to go back, weed through all of it, caught some of the BS by Matt Leher and decided Bobby's crusade looked legit. That Matt just twists and turns everything you post even when you are just pointing things out. I made it clear that wanted the "close knit" community back and that was why I was involved. I said I wanted Matt to leave but that everybody has a say too and should speak up, even if they want me to leave. I know there is always one and it didn't surprise me that one spoke up thinking everything I was trying to do was wrong and wanted me to leave.

I really liked that community but with one last post now I'm here for good.

It sucks that I have to get to know everybody again, I feel I wasted my time there.

I even placed some of the most direct and straightforward posts there even was and still couldn't fix it.

I'm really tempted to just stay away from forums again like I did for the first few years of having internet access.

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