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Update: It's worse than I thought. I talked to him today and he said the beardie was costing him 30-40 dollars a week to feed. Guess those crix were covered in gold. He released the garter back to the wild but did not even attempt to put the garter back where he found it. Since getting rid of most of his herps, he bought another corn to house with his current corn, without quarantine. he plans to BREED THEM! But he has no idea how to breed them but he says he has a year to figure that out. Like the male is going to wait a year to mack it with the female, the female gets gravid too know the story. I asked him how he expects to house and feed 15-30 young if he can't feed one beardie. He is truly an idiot and quite far gone. He has no idea what he is doing. *lowers head in disgust*. I don't know how much more of this I can take.
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