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Re: A little embarrassed to admit

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
To error is human right? I must have pushed the envelope a little too far this time. Last night I offered my 450g Bredli a 57g small rat. He had been eating 35-45g rat weaners prior to that. The rat didn't really look too big compared to the girth of the snake but I guess it must have been too much for him to handle because he got it 3/4 of the way down before spitting it back out. My question is should I treat this as a regurge and not feed him for 2-3 weeks or should I consider it a one off and resume his normal feeding schedule in 7-10 days? I'll definitely be feeding him a smaller meal. Lesson learned.
It's a one-off don't worry about it. The snake figured it was too big of a meal and spit it back out. You could feed the snake within a day or two.
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