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Uggggh! What is the deal.....

In another thread we were talking about people who buy reptiles on whims without knowing how to take care of them or doing research or whatever. I had mentioned a friend of mine that buys all kinds of reptiles without finding out how to care for them first. Well the ***** hit the fan yesterday. This kid, every other month I go to his house and I see something new, so far none of his animals have died so that's good I guess. He actually takes fairly good care of them. Anyway, Yesterday he announced that he can't AFFORD them anymore so he is getting rid of half of them. I know electricity is not the issue, I can't see it being that expensive to feed one bearded dragon, a couple of frogs and two turtles. He is also getting rid of his w/c garter by releasing it back into the wild. It's one thing to admit when you can't take care of an animal and find better homes for them but it really bugs me that he went out and bought all these animals in the first place without thinking ahead if he could handle them all. I'm really ripping p-oed about it. To make matters worse I had planned to give him a couple Leos when they hatch but I don't want to give them to someone who is going to get bored in 6 months and give them away.

Point of this post: Reptiles are a lifetime commitment people! Don't buy an animal you can't take care of for life! Don't buy so many animals that you can't take proper care of each one!

Dilemma: This kid is my boyfriend's best friend. My b/f doesn't really think this is a big deal or that i should be upset with him over it. But I don't know how I can look this guy in the eye again knowing he treats animals like toys. I just don't know if I can even be friends with him anymore, but my circle of friends is quite small and I'd like to stay friends with him. I don't know. Am I making too big a deal of this to let this get in the way of our friendship? Advice please.
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