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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

I did originally have his set to 83F like Sanji's, but I thought it was causing his regurges so I set it lower. I can raise it again, but a little higher and see if it helps. I will offer him another fuzzy on the 21st and see if he keeps the next few meals down. It will be rather close to his next shed cycle but maybe the higher heat will help him out or something....

In the meantime I'm going to call the vet's office again and see if it's worthwhile to take him out there. I'm less worried about skin infections, RIs, that sort of thing, since treatments are pretty universal but complicated issues like this I'm a lot less willing to trust a vet if they don't seem fairly experienced. Seen too many stories of vets suggesting people to do things at the cost of the snake's life, that were obviously dangerous to the experienced keeper. If he continues to be difficult to get ahold of, or won't talk with me over the phone, or something else is off, I'm not going to take him in.

I didn't bother him, but went into the snake room a few minutes ago and he was out and about, crawling around his tub.
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