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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Well he regurged again, so gonna have to start the clock over...he'll be getting either a 2 gram fuzzy/pinky or a 3 gram fuzzy on the 21st if he makes it. I'm asking the breeder what he thinks the prognosis is and trying again to get ahold of the more experienced vet and see if he thinks this is something he can handle.

If his breeder doesn't think the prognosis is good and the vet seems full of it or doesn't have the experience, I may have to elect to euthanize him. I have no experience with this sort of thing so I don't know if he's beyond saving yet or not.

I took him out when I saw the regurge to give him a once-over to make sure nothing else popped up physically, and he looks fine. His scales aren't misshapen at all any more, not inflammation, no weird bumps, no mucus or anything. His belly is still gaunt but that's to be expected. I flipped him over and he was very slow to lifting his head up and never attempted to roll back onto his belly. He crawled away just fine once I set him back in his tub, but I found him curled tightly under his hide over his heat tape (above the the bedding). Temp gun shows all temps are still in order and the thermostat is set to 80F for 78-80F surface temps under the bedding and ambients in the mid-70's.
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