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I have power!

A small, but important, update; I have power! My dad helped me with this job. He's a former general contractor, he helped me remodel the house when I moved in some eight years ago. Rather than crawl about in the attic to bring additional power to the interior walls, we just drilled through the exterior wall, through the mortar between bricks, to bring power in directly from the main breaker box that is mounted to the wall to the left of the window there. It was quick and easy, he has a massive concrete hammer drill that blasts through mortar like it's nothing. I still need to do a bit of touch-up painting to cover the spackling patching the holes where we initially drilled through, though it is hardly noticeable in person. Now I just have to build some new enclosures to take advantage of the extra power! I have a few projects lined up, including adult sized enclosures for the Taiwanese Beauty and Dumeril's Boa that will fit neatly in the closet (the door frame you can just see to the left there). I've already got materials stacking up, just waiting for cooler weather, and the end of the herping season, to get to work in earnest.
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