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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Well, good news is he shed today and his scales are looking almost completely normal! They do still have a bit of an odd look to them, but it's unclear atm if that's because they're still returning to normal after his shed, or if it's a slight bit of scarring. Either way, I see no reason to continue treating for a fungal infection and his scales should be 100% after his next shed. Every bit of color has returned, there's no longer any discoloration, and although the scales are a tad misshapen it's nothing major.

My main worry is how skinny he is, 3 gram fuzzies just don't cut it but I can't start him on 4 grams until he keeps some meals for the time being I think I'll feed him 3 gram fuzzies every 5-6 days. When he next sheds, I'll give him another 4 gram fuzzy and try to time his meals so that he either gets a 3 gram fuzzy the week before his shed, or he skips that last meal. He sheds every month pretty much on the dot.
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