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bahaha, shane, those are great!! You missed me though. Na na na, na boo boo. lol. J/K. Sorry I didn't get to meet everyone. But it was nice meeting those I did. And as usual it was nice to see Grant again.
Thanks for the heat rope agian!! Can't wait to try it out!! Starting the new herp room this week end, I hope. lol. Oh, and Grant, just so you know, anyone that comes to me looking for feeders I give them your website.
And thanks for the Crestie too, I had him out tonight and he peed on me. lol. What a little devil. I named him Mr. Magoo. Love those eyes!!
Nice to meet you too Jeff. To bad I didn't remember to bring some more checks. Now I'll have to express some. Dang it. lol.
maybe I'll meet more people at the next show. Anybody want to meet me I'll be hanging out arround HQ's, silkworms, or Grants tables. lol. I think Matt and Susan must have had enough of me, I was there about 6 times trying to decide on a baby. Finally picked one.

Here's my crestie.

Reptile Rascals.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'
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