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If you are bringing reptiles from the US into Canada you are required by USF&W to have an inspection ($55 for non-CITIES) and pay a user fee ($5 USD) for the use of the boarder office. You will more then likely have to pay for an import export permit, I was told there are no exceptions for non US residents but this may be different if you are crossing a different boarder point. I know that they allow US residents to bring home items (from hunting for example) with no permit. If the person selling you the animals has an import export license they should be able to have them inspected at a designated port of exit and shipped from that port to Canada. You would then have a nice little piece of paper saying that they cleared USF&W.

Canada does not require you to have the inspection form, but by not having one you are breaking US law. If you happen to have one of the spot inspections on the US side before coming home, you are in BIG trouble.

As for the Canadian side, have documentation for the animals stating with pictures and both common names and scientific name what the animal is and that it is not listed as a CITIES animal. Make sure you have a receipt because you will be required to pay taxes and duty. We have often been waved right by the Canadian side but always have a US inspection completed just in case. You donít want to lose your car or worse.

Hope this helps

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