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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

So I posted this situation on FB hoping to hit a wider audience of experienced keepers for his scale issues, but other than Dave, I've had two people comment and both were giving me advise on changing his feeding to prey items I know he can't keep down. So I'll just stick to this thread. lol I assume babies with regurge issues aren't a common thing overall otherwise they would realize that Morzan isn't 50 grams at 14 months for no reason. It's also so weird to me these two so adamantly pushing me to switch him to rats when mice are more nutritious at this stage, he's just eating abnormally small ones, even with the fact aside he couldn't get a rat pink down.

I'm also currently calling around for a vet, the one I had in mind wasn't in so they've referred me to other vets.
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