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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Originally Posted by Albert Clark View Post
Hey bsg, even though it will stress him out the vet is the definitive answer for a diagnosis. I agree with Cliff to go with the diluted betadine in the interim. Skin infections only make a animal septic if it goes untreated for extended periods. You don't fall into that category. Actually septicemia will present as a red dotted rash and mostly on the ventral scales. Worse case scenario is the brb will need antibiotic or anti fungal injections if it's determined to warrant that. I hope that's not the case and he has a speedy recovery from something that isn't serious.
That is generally true, but I lost a rainbow boa last winter to septicemia and she had zero symptoms. The only things that alerted me that she could be ill were a small regurge and half-digested feces. I figured it was odd but didn't set off any alarms at the time (I know better now). 18 days after eating her 3rd meal with me, she died. I had her maybe 2 months. I think the bacteria found was salmonella, if that makes any difference. Generally it appears Psuedomonas aeruginosa and the ilk cause septicemia from what I've been reading. She had no weird bumps, no patchiness, no swollenness, nothing. I checked on her one morning to find she looked a-ok and when I got off work she was dead.

I'm going to take Cliff's advice and get the sample myself unless the vet thinks he really needs to be seen. Again, I want to stress he isn't a perfectly healthy BRB aside from the possible skin infection, and I don't want the vet visit to be the last straw if the test ends up negative. I only want to take him if it's 100% necessary.
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