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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Thank you Cliff for the suggestion that would make me feel tons better. I have already given him fresh bedding. Still the same cypress mulch/EcoEarth mix just new bedding. Is betadine found in stores like Wal-Mart?

No, the camera doesn't have a macro setting it's a DSLR so all I can do is zoom in and focus. The lens was opened all the way and I was as close as I could get so that the camera would still focus.

Also marvelfreak he is definitely not whitewalling I am well aware of what that looks like, I have two others. I have yet to see Morzan white wall, ever, though.

Andy_G he doesn't appear dehydrated the rest of his skin is normal without any bent skin, and as you can tell by the feces/urate photo he's not showing signs of dehydration there either. He's never had a bad shed. Honestly the only thing I can guess is it's a fungal infection and after losing Guin to septicemia I'm scared to death I'll be looking forward to that with him. On my day off I'm calling my local vet to ask him about getting my own sample and sending it in. I hope all it is right now is a fungal infection.
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