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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

I went back through my records to figure out how many bedding changes he's had since getting off moss and it's been 3 bedding changes in the past 5 months. Surely that's not so bad that it caused an infection? :/

I got him out and got a closer look at them and they do appear a little hardened and some are thickened. A few are brownish looking. I may call the non-specialist and see if we can get a swab, I'm just so worried about overstressing him.

Also, Minkness, he has some sort of condition that appears congenital that causes him to regurge normal-sized meals. He is at the length and roughly the weight that if he had full girth he could easily take hopper mice. I am guessing 4 or 5 gram fuzzies to be his max. This has caused him to be quite stunted in growth. He's 14 months old but even lighter than Sanji was at 6 months. He keeps down small fuzzies just fine, just can't take anything larger.
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