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Re: BRB Losing Scales?

Originally Posted by MesoCorney View Post
Do you have a reptile vet you trust? Maybe see if they will do a phone consult if you email over some pictures? The only time I have heard of scales sloughing like this someone had applied mineral oil to the snake. Any chance she came in contact with something?
I only have one vet in town, and he isn't a reptile specialist. He can do basic stuff, but nothing major. I think this would be out of his league. There is another one nearby but there's mixed reviews on Yellow Pages and their FB page.

From the photos, they don't appear to be sloughing off. I could take him out to get a good look at him again in person, but they appear to have just lost their color, not been sloughed off.

No, there's no way he came into contact with something. I don't use any chemicals in my house outside of soap, detergents, and bleach. I do sometimes use bleach to clean really gross stuff, but I've never used bleach on anything in Morzan's tub. I prefer to use soap when possible.

I have also not really been handling him all that much lately, I usually just open his tub and look in, so nothing from off my hands.
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