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BRB Losing Scales?

I'm posting this outside of Morzan and Homura's thread for maximum attention.

Ok I'm kinda freaking out about Morzan now....I took him out of his tub a few minutes ago to weigh him, and remove a poop and urate he dropped and saw this....

He appears well-hydrated, he has no bent scales, no sticky skin, his poop and urates look normal, and the urates are nice and big...his bedding was just dampened and there's condensation. I'm not currently using hygrometers with my rainbows because they not accurate above 80-85% but I could certainly get one just for him if that's most likely this issue...

Here's his poop and urates, they appear relatively fresh.

Just in case I dampened his bedding further and heavily sprayed down his tub with my pump sprayer.

I've heard of snakes losing their scales and their skin ripping when they're not getting enough nutrition and I'm truly hoping that's not what's going on here...

Any help from keepers experienced with babies with regurge issues? Should I step him up to 4 gram fuzzies, go ahead and feed him every 5 days? Is there something else that could be causing this? Is this something I should get him to the vet for or wait and see if it's a hydration issue?
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