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Re: Storeria dekayi/Dekay's Brown Snake Availability

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
Garters can be fed a diet of just worms (this requires additional supplements though), just fish, just mice, or a mixture. A diet of worms and fish is most like their natural diet, as most garters do not eat rodents as a staple in their diet in the wild. They are opportunistic, though. I would stay away from insects and amphibians with these guys, since insects aren't easy to digest and yield little return, and amphibians pose a very high parasite risk. Same with slugs, even though some might eat those.

There is are several lists of thiaminase-free fish, just Google a few. has some and I've found longer lists elsewhere.

Your best bet might just get a lizard tbqh, your options with snakes are limited and probably won't really fit into your invert keeping.
Ok, thank you for the information!
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