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Worst Trip Ever!

I would just like to share with everyone, one of the worst trips I have ever taken. This is my April 6th Expo Story...

I was getting a ride with a friend of mine and he ended up getting sick (he has some wierd stomach virus), so he left my girlfriend and I at the Whitby Go Station and went home. I still wanted to go to the expo so we got to the ticket counter and the woman told us we would have to take the Go Bus to Pickering and then take the Go Train to Port Credit. Little did I know, Port Credit was 10 stops away (on a slow train), but I really wanted to go. We finally arrive at the Port Credit Station at around 11:30pm (we left Peterborough at 8am) and we called a cab. We made it to the expo but because of the unexpected travelling expenses we were forced to limit our spending. After looking around for awhile we decided on a female ball from PCPC. After looking around a little more we decided to get ready for the trip home we went to our box of supplies and got the hot water bottle ready and headed on our way after saying our goodbyes and thank you's. We took another cab back to the Port Credit Station and took the train to Toronto Union and then another cab to the Greyhound Station. This is where the trip got hectic. We arrived at the station at about 3:30pm and after buying our $35 one way, non-refundable tickets! We sat and waited for the bus to come at 4:45pm. As time neared we went outside to have a smoke and check if our bus was there and before we could put the snake in our jacket a baggage boy (or whatever they are called) said no animals allowed! He said we will have to find another way to Peterborough. Well I was pissed! We spent $6 to make a call to Peterborough on a payphone to get a ride from my girlfriends brother and his girlfriend. They finally arrived at about 7:30pm and I paid him for his trouble. We didn't arrive back in Peterborough till around 11pm. When we got home we setup the new ball and went to bed. What a trip!

Thanks for listening (reading) to me whine.

Steve Semerko

The Pics of the new ball can be seen im my gallery.

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