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Re: Henry - Morelia spilota harrisoni

First photo for the album. Was just looking in to make sure he was OK, water clean etc and he was nicely perched for a quick photo.

Looking rather fat from his rat!

Oh and he's now called Jerry (as in Tom & Jerry)-toddler mind changing and all that. I actually like the irony of a carpet python being named after a mouse!

He remains utterly chilled. No attempt to nip me or the phone. No flinching or getting into a defensive position.
0.1 B imperator, 1.0 M spilota harrisoni, 1.0 C hortulanus, 2.1 P reticulatus (Madu locality), 1.1 S amethystine, 1.1 L olivaceous, 1.0 C angulifer, 1.0 Z persicus, 0.1 P regius, 0.1 N natrix, 0.1 E climacophora, 1.0 P obsoletus, 0.1 L geluta nigrtia, 1.0 P catenifer sayi, 1.0 T lepidus
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