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Talking First show!!!!

I get to go to my first show Sunday!!!! I'm so excited... not to mention driving everyone completly insane!

It's in Kansas City, about an hour and a half drive, but that's no big deal. Dad didn't wanna take me - but my dearest boyfriend, Darry, is! YAY! I can't wait.

I do have a few questions, however. I'll have some extra spending money, hopefully enough to pick up a new herp - It's been way to long without one. What should I look for? any questions I should ask? I'm looking for an interesting corn snake, or maybe a Rosy Boa, depending on my money situation. I basically want something well tempered that doesn't get very large. ^^

Thanks for your help!!

Wait, I forgot - anyone else going to this? I'm pretty sure there's a lack of ssnakess people in my area, but never hurts to check.

Thanks again!
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