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Henry - Morelia spilota harrisoni

Well he's home and settling into his temporary home (suitably sized rub). Haven't managed to get any photos yet but will update the thread as and when I can get some. Just the hard part of leaving him alone to settle (and keeping him hidden from my wife and child).

Very early days I know but during the times I've seen him in the store and at home he hasn't shown any nippy-ness so I'm hoping long may that continue!

Will update on progress as and when.

The name btw is after Horrid Henry (UK kids TV program / book series). Finley has named him even though he doesn't know I've got him! He just said when I get a boy snake that's what he'll be called!
0.1 B imperator, 1.0 M spilota harrisoni, 1.0 C hortulanus, 2.1 P reticulatus (Madu locality), 1.1 S amethystine, 1.1 L olivaceous, 1.0 C angulifer, 1.0 Z persicus, 0.1 P regius, 0.1 N natrix, 0.1 E climacophora, 1.0 P obsoletus, 0.1 L geluta nigrtia, 1.0 P catenifer sayi, 1.0 T lepidus
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