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I finally have my Cottonmouth! The past two years a major goal of mine has been to collect a neonate Cottonmouth in the field, as they are very hard to come by captive bred. To that end I spent hundreds of hours in the field at a number of Cottonmouth "hotspots" in search of my quarry. I found adults by the dozen, but failed to turn up a single neonate. Frustrating, to say the least. Going into this year I decided to widen my search criteria a bit, and it quickly paid off with a lucky find. I'll have the whole story, along with many more pictures, in the fall 2016 report in my herping thread. In the meantime I present "Joe," the newest member of my little collection. I don't name my snakes, but a friend insisted calling this one Joe, after the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe."
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