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sSNAKESs screensaver

Do you want a cool and funny screensaver? Go download what i have made for all members and for future members (just tell your friends and maybe after that they will try to see what's like). **It's absolutely FREE for all** Hit the link below, the login name is "reptilesalonica" the password is "ssnakess" After your login go to folder Reptilesalonica\My documents\Files Programms\sSNAKEs.scr. Select it and then hit the download button. I made it at a 960X720 resolution and it is 1MB large. After the download is complete, put it at the Windows\system and then simple from the properties (desktop) select sNAKEs. Try it and tell me what you think. Njoy!

sSNAKEs screensaver
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